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Top: La Plata City was the major mining town in the La Plata Mining District. Photo .. John C. Turner returned some 15 years after leaving Animas City to farm in the . *The figure was taken from Frank Hall's History of Colorado Volume 4, which .. The town had a courthouse, a jail, a two-story hotel, a few stores.

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Comparing women's and men's occupational health must be done carefully, Messing argues, given that "[w]omen and men Moreover, the impact that the gendered division of labour has on women's occupational health can only be understood by appreciating the interactions among social, biological and political factors within the historical context of a workplace.

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Thus, for example, women may not take up non-traditional jobs, not because they have less strength or "fitness" than men, but because strength is defined and tested on the basis of the male body as the norm and the type of strength needed in jobs usually performed by men. The often arduous physical requirements of women's traditional jobs -- standing for hours, performance of rapid, repetitive movements, lifting heavy or uncooperative bundles children or patients, for example , working in difficult and awkward positions for hours at a time, and so forth -- have been dismissed or ignored by occupational health scientists, who have usually studied traditional men's jobs.

Women workers confront one-eyed science: building alliances to improve women's occupational health.

In several case studies, Messing provides grim insight into the scientific treatment of four areas centrally important to women workers and their occupational health: musculoskeletal disease, office work, emotional stress, and reproductive hazards. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview. Wokutch Praeger Publishers, Read preview Overview.

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  6. Women workers confront one-eyed science: building alliances to improve women's occupational health..
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    Tracking the Invisible: Scientific Indicators of the Health Hazards in Women’s Work

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    Karen Messing – Between the Lines

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