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Top: La Plata City was the major mining town in the La Plata Mining District. Photo .. John C. Turner returned some 15 years after leaving Animas City to farm in the . *The figure was taken from Frank Hall's History of Colorado Volume 4, which .. The town had a courthouse, a jail, a two-story hotel, a few stores.

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English tag questions eliciting knowledge or action. Kleiber, Ingo Review of Brezina, V. Kocher, Anna Epistemic and evidential modification in Spanish and Portuguese. Expressing i think that in Polish. Kruger, Haidee Laitinen, Mikko Leal, Tania Levshina, Natalia Measuring iconicity. Lieb, Hans-Heinrich Lorenz, Eliane Cross-linguistic influence in unbalanced bilingual heritage speakers on subsequent language acquisition: Evidence from pronominal object placement in ditransitive clauses.

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  • Radio network planning and resource optimization : mathematical models and algorithms for UMTS, WLANs, and ad hoc networks.
  • Uriagereka J. Derivations. Exploring the Dynamics of Syntax.
  • An Outstretched Arm: A History of the Jewish Colonization Association.

Naccarato, Chiara Agentive para synthetic compounds in Russian: a quantitative study of rival constructions. Nance, Claire Bilingual language exposure and the peer group: Acquiring phonetics and phonology in Gaelic Medium Education. The decade construction rivalry in Russian. Frontiers in Psychology Quantitative research methods and study quality in learner corpus research.

Percillier, Michael Alpine Marsh Tits Poecile palustris palustris exhibit no clear sexual dimorphism other than in wing length. The perception and interpretation of sentence types by L1 Spanish—L2 English speakers. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism.

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Rastelli, Stefano The discontinuity model: Statistical and grammatical learning in adult second-language acquisition. Silvennoinen, Olli O.

Constructional schemas in variation. Spina, Stefania Controlling item difficulty for automatic vocabulary question generation. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning Tait, Alastair W. Gagen, Siobhan A. Wilson, Andrew G. Frontiers in Microbiology 8. Probabilistic indigenization effects at the lexis—syntax interface. Exploring the Left Dislocation construction by means of multiple linear regression. Viola, Lorella From linguistic innovation to language change.

Revue Romane. Companion site. Agresti , A. Allan , L. Anishchanka , A. Arppe , A. Atkins , B. Baayen , R. Balota , D. Barnbrook , G. Bates , E. Berlin , B. Biber , D. Bloomfield , L. Borg , I. Boroditsky , L. Bowerman , M.

Routledge Leading Linguists

Bresnan , J. Brugman , C. Bullinaria , J. Bybee , J. Chambers , J. Chang , W.

1 Introduction

Chomsky , N. Conover , W. Cox , T. Crawley , M. Davies , M. Deerwester , S. Diessel , H. Divjak , D. Dunning , T. Ellis , N. Ember , C. Everett , D. Evert , S. Everitt , B. Faraway , J.

Fox , J. Field , A. Firth , J. Friendly , M. Geeraerts , D. Gilquin , G. Gipper , H. Goldberg , A. Gower , J. Greenacre , M. Gries , S. Hanks , P. Harrell , F. Harris , Z. Hilpert , M. Hosmer , D. Hothorn , T. Huck , S. Husson , F. Itkonen , E. Johnson , K. Kaufman , L. Kay , P. Kepser , S.

Keuleers , E. Kortmann , B. Kruskal , J. Lakoff , G.

Data exploration and statistical analysis

Landauer , T. Langacker , R. Larson-Hall , J. Lehrer , A. Number of Pieces 1. Lifestage Child. Retailer Palatial Products. Rakuten Kobo Inc. Format Hardcover. Michael Brody Books Michael Brody. Showing 4 of 4 results that match your query. See Details. Product Spec Format: Hardcover. Authors: Robert B. Stevenson Michael Brody Justin Dillon. Product Spec Authors: Michael Brody. This collection of essays, written between and , places the search for theoretical elegance at centre stage.

The author shows that although the conceptual difference between 'elegance' and. Product Title Bumps in the Road - eBook. Roads have been around for centuries, allowing mankind a convenient path to arrive at their destination—be it a lengthy vacation getaway with family or merely to their own inviting home after an.

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